Expertise areas

Specialized in business law, LeMore Avocat supports its clients both in commercial and civil law :

Business and civil laws

LeGan Avocats assists companies in their legal issues on a day-to-day business, should it concern consulting services or litigation.

  • International Relations (international arbitration, drafting and negotiating international contracts, drafting clauses conferring jurisdiction and applicable law clauses).
  • Competition and distribution law (complaints before French and European competition authorities, private shares, exclusive and selective distribution, commercial agent).
  • Corporate law (subsidiaries creation, capital increase, corporate formalities, general shareholders meetings.
  • Consumer law (terms and conditions, class action).
  • Liability law (professional, bodily injury, abrupt trade relations breaking litigation, unfair competition).
  • Bankruptcy proceeding (claim filing, receivership and judicial winding-up proceeding, legal actions before the commercial tribunal, transfer of title).
  • Litigation before tribunals both in Paris or in the rest of the country, especially before the Paris Court of Appeal.

Real Estate

For consulting services as well as for litigation cases, LeGan law firm assists its clients in the following areas:

  • Succession (judicial proceeding, management of international succession cases, donations)
  • Lease agreements for business premises (redaction of contracts, assignment, proceeding on price-fixing of lease value, review, eviction indemnity, administration and lessee’s waiver on property transfer)
  • Coownership (annulment action against general assembly’s resolution, liability of property manager, distribution of property cost)
  • Real estate sales (liability of estate agent, of notary or land developer) and in particular within specific legal frameworks (sale off-plan, “à la découpe”-sales)
  • Judicial expertise operations

New technologies

LeGan Avocats developed an expertise and particular sensitivity to issues related to internet:

  • IT (software licenses, personal data, bid data)
  • Internet (domain name, trademarks and AdWords issues)
  • E-commerce (particular expertise in sectors with strong regulations, such as on-line gaming or hotel sectors)